I had an operation on my hand and i used the Aloe Ferox Gel to heal my wound . See the pictures above
Morne Strauss
George , South Africa
I can't thank you enough. Thanks for this amazing product. 26/07/16 , my daughter pulled over a jug of boiled water and severely burned her face and one side of her back . The artificial skin grafting did not work on her left shoulder and 3rd degree wound was a concern . A friend arranged for me to try the gel on my daughters wounds and it was the most amazing thing ever. I noticed on a regular daily basis how the gel helped heal the wounds . Thanks to this product the scars on her face are healed 99% and is no longer visible with the scars on her body improving daily .
Miss Anokeska Nel
Petoria , South Africa

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Aloe Ferox NZ

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